Friday, August 7, 2009

Basket Weave Baby Blanket

This simple basket weave baby blanket a perfect gift for an expecting mom. It's soft and washable making it easy to keep clean.

For this blanket I used size 10.5 (usa) round needles with Snuggly double knitting yarn. Any soft Nylon/Acrylic blend will work, but make sure it indicates size 6 (usa) needles since you will be pulling two pieces of yarn at a time. You will need two colors (I used a seafoam green and cream) and about 450 yards of each color.

Cast on 72 stitches.

Knit the garter stitch for the first 6 rows (knit every row)

Rows 1-4 ~ K4, *K4, P4* to last 4 stitches, K4
Rows 5-8 ~ K4, *P4, K4* to last 4 stitches, K4

Repeat this pattern pulling from both balls of the green (first color) yarn for 24 rows. Switch to one strand green (first color) one strand cream (second color) for 20 rows. The center portion is two strands of cream (second color) for 40 rows. Next use one strand of each color for 20 rows, finishing with the green (first color) for 24 rows.

Finish blanket with 6 rows of garter stitch and cast-off.

Assemble / weave in tails.

Finished blanket should measure approx. 18" wide x 25" long
Pattern is a multiple of 4 + 8 to adjust size.


  1. I love the soft cozy look of this baby blanket. I especially like the idea of the tag giving the yarn content and washing instructions - it looks like the blanket was purchased at a high-end baby shop. How did you make the tag?

  2. That is such a beautiful blanket...I think you have to stop calling yourself a beginning knitter!

  3. Your blankets are amazing! You really are talented with your hand crafted projects.

  4. Hi. I recently got the urge to get back into knitting. I was searching for some simple but nice looking baby blanket patterns and came across your blog. I have just made this basket weave one in pink and cream. I am now going to try the lacy one. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Hannah, London

  5. I was wondering if you knew how this would turn out using single strand and size 6 needle? Would it be less thick and cozy??

  6. How long are you knitting needles? Are they circular?

  7. When you cast on is it single strand or double?

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  9. I LOVE the look of this blanket! What a good idea to double strand and mix the colours

  10. Is the weight on the Snuggly DK yarn a 3?

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  12. Hi I've gone through this whole pattern I love it. But is it open to repeat the pattern as looks a bit small?