Friday, October 1, 2010

Lulu..... Quilts?

When I went to visit my parents in Boston, I was so excited to use my mom's new sewing machine since I don't have my own. We took a trip to the local fabric store and searched for some fun, modern, cotton prints that would be cute for a baby quilt. I wanted them to stay within the color palette, and avoid anything sappy sweet that you would typically use for a baby, like bunnies or pastel hearts.

Although I had some difficulty sewing straight to begin with (that glass of wine didn't help things either) I eventually got the hang of it and it became much easier and faster to sew each strip. I learned that by tearing fabric, you are more likely to get a straight piece. And I also learned that you should pin the pieces in place before sewing.

It was fun to add details to these as well, like a random patch sewn in place, or an area of wide stitching in the contrasting thread.

The back of each quilt is a solid piece of super soft flannel in a bold dot for the boy's quilt and a subtle pale pink and white polka-dot for the girls. For the quilting, I chose to use a contrasting thread color and designed abstract wave shapes. I drew each line on the back in chalk and then followed them as closely as possible for the finished result. It was great to take a mini-break from knitting and play with textiles and color in a new way. Plus, it's so much faster to sew a quilt than knit a baby blanket! Now back to my needles...


  1. Love the colors and pattern! Something very unique and different for a baby quilt - they both turned out great!