Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Atom's Birthday Blanket

Since baby Atom got my very first (and the very worst) baby blanket when he was born, I decided to make it up to him for his first birthday next month.

He is turning one and since he's obviously bigger than a newborn, the blanket had to be larger as well. The final size of this ended up being approx. 30" x 23" which will be big enough for him to nap under in his car seat or crib.

I know I've posted this blanket before with different yarn, but here is the pattern again.
This time I used Patons Pure 100% Organic Cotton in three shades of colors (Sea 2 balls, Beige 1 ball and Taupe 1 ball) on size 11 needles. This pattern goes fast and is really fun.

Start with the Sea color and cast on 77 stitches, or any multiple of 11. Then knit the next 4 rows, or garter stitch. Follow that with the pattern below for 3 sets:

Row 1: K2 together, K2 together, YO, K1, YO, K1, YO, KI, YO, K2 together, K2 together.

Row 2 - 4: Knit the garter stitch.

Switch to the Beige color and follow the pattern for 2 sets, then the Taupe for 1, and Beige again for 2. Now go back to the Sea for 3 sets of the pattern. To make the center brown stripe, follow the pattern with the Taupe for 2 sets, Beige for 1 set and Taupe again for 2 sets. Once again, repeat the pattern with Sea for 3 and repeat the first stripe pattern once more. Finish with 3 more sets of the Sea color and then end with four additional rows of garter stitch before binding off.

Use the colors as you like if you don't want to follow this stripe pattern, but make sure that you always start knitting the new color on row 1.

I know it is taboo to knot in knitting. But let's be honest. Sometimes, especially with patterns this open, it's pretty hard to weave in the ends all that well. So I confess... I cheat. When I switch colors I end up going back and knotting them off and twisting the knot under into the first stitch so it's not as visible. This way, when baby Atom makes a mess and it needs to get washed, it isn't a big deal.

Hopefully he'll love his new birthday blanket!


  1. that turned out beautifully! what a lucky and adorable baby!

  2. He LOVES his new blanket- when I put him to bed I set the blanket right next to his face and he pokes his fingers through the holes until he falls asleep. :)